Supervised Wireless Smoke Alarm

The TX-6010-01-1 supervised photoelectric smoke alarm is a self-diagnostic, Learn Mode wireless sensor. It features a 319.5MHz crystal transmitter, built-in sounder, low battery annunciation, diagnostic/status LED, and integrated fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat sensors. The unit communicates an alarm and trouble condition to a GE compatible control panel.

The TX-6010-01-1 continually monitors operational status and provides a visual trouble condition if it drifts out of the sensitivity range or fails internal diagnostics. In addition, the mounting tamper sensor will send a trouble alert as necessary. It meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters. The alarm sensitivity level can be determined at the unit. Another feature is built-in drift compensation that allows the alarm to adjust sensitivity automatically as it becomes dirty over time. The drift compensation feature dramatically increases the time between cleaning, as well as reducing the chance of a nuisance alarm.

A low battery pre-alarm feature sends a signal to the alarm company control station long before the smoke alarm begins its low battery chirp. This ensures a pro-active response to replace the battery in a timely manner and without the disturbance caused by an alarm beeping continuously when it nears the end of its life.

• Self-diagnostics reduces the chance of a nuisance alarm
• Replaceable optical chamber make cleaning a snap
• Two 3V Lithium batteries provide long battery life (included)
• Learn Mode feature reduces installation time with quick programming
• Low battery pre-alert sent to central station before sounder chirps
• Long life 3V lithium battery operated
• Learn Mode for easy programming
• Reliable 319.5MHz crystal transmitter
• Low battery pre-alarm sent to control station
• Field replaceable optical chamber
• Automatic drift compensation
• Integral heat detection
• Built-in 85dB temporal sounder
• Hush feature
• Low battery pre-alarm sent to control station

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